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We customize our schedule annually to reflect where our horses and riders are at that time. 

Riders are encouraged and expected to discuss their goals with Jen each year.

We make an effort to create a schedule that allows horses and riders to be challenged appropriately while respecting budgets and individual desires.  JPh selects a mix of rated and non-rated shows to allow horses and their riders to develop at the right pace.  While competition is not for everyone, our hope is that all of our riders will want to enter the show ring at some point.  Showing allows us to share the hard work that goes on at home to develop balanced, willing horses and confident riders.

2024 Show Schedule


May 3-5 NNHJA Spring Show at Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, MA

May 8-12 Fieldstone

May 15-19 Fieldstone

June 5-9 HITS Saugerties. NY

June 8 NHHJA or Next Venture

June 12-16 Fieldstone

June 19-23 Fieldstone

June 22 NHHJA or Next Venture

June 28-30 Fieldstone 

July 2-7 NHHJA Summerfest at Fieldstone

July 10-14 GMHA South Woodstock, VT

July 13 Next Venture

July 17-21 HITS Saugerties. NY

July 20 NHHJA

July 24-28 HITS Saugerties, NY

July 31-Aug 4 HITS Manchester, VT


Aug 7-11 HITS Manchester, VT

Aug 10 Next Venture

Aug 15-18 GMHA South Woodstock, VT

Aug 20-24 Fieldstone

Aug 25 MHJ Finals at Fieldstone

Sept 20-22 NHHJA Fall Classic and NH Medal Finals at Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, MA

Sept 28-Oct 1 MHC Days of Champions at Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, MA

Jan-mid-March 2025 Florida

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