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Sales and Leases

Our selection of horses and ponies available for sale and lease fluctuates/frequently changes.  Please contact Jen for our current offerings or with what you may be looking for so that she may assist in your search for an appropriate match.

Summer Sessions





Dusty is a 2017 Westphalian/TB. He is branded Westphalian, was top colt in his 2017 inspection, and has shown on the line at Devon. He is a crop and spur ride. Dusty is wise beyond his years and has proven himself safe in many settings and venues from GMHA to Northampton to Fieldstone as well as in the woods hunter pacing and trail riding. He's always in the hack ribbons and jumps around with no questions over flowers and fill. He has both changes but they need finishing. He is turned out in a small group, stands like a gentleman for the farrier, clips easily, body clips, and stands for the vet nicely too. Dusty has been the easiest horse from the beginning and is incredibly pleasant to work around. He will be the safest mount for a child or petite adult. He is listed as a hunter but he could makeup to be a mini-medal equitation type easily---has the scope to jump higher too. Dusty has mostly been ridden by professionals but has been hacked/jumped by our 13 year old working student. He is easy and quiet enough to be finished by a well rounded junior in a professional program.


Professional inquiries only. Sale only, no lease options. 



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